So You’re Going to School Online-6 Ways to Make the Most of It




Effective learning requires combined elements such as intrinsic values and consistent coordination between the teachers and students in the classroom. In the wake of the COVID-19 world, it has become quite challenging for students to effectively learn because of a sudden transition from in-person classrooms to online classrooms. With this being said, it becomes essential for the students to adapt the necessary preludes and prerequisites required to educate themselves efficiently and effectively in an online classroom. In this article, we will explore the 6 necessary tips to make the most out of an online classroom.

Before elucidating and revealing the those essential tips for better learning, we must differentiate between the two types of effective learning.


Passive Learning

In passive learning, students understand the knowledge and instructions imparted by their teacher, but they do not apply it or engage with it.


Active Learning

In active learning, students use the knowledge and apply it in their life or wherever needed. They engage with the novel concepts they learn and reflect upon them.

According to many educational researchers and consultants, interactive or active learning quadruples the gains of students when learning something. The following are the 6 major tips that will make you an interactive learner even in such frazzling learning environments during a pandemic. 


1.Organise a learning space and dress for learning

Learning from home can be distractive and may later lead to sheer procrastination and severe existential crises. As students sitting on a sofa in their homes are exposed to endless distractions. For instance, you may want to open social media websites or may want to check your Instagram during your online class. Almost every student around the world is facing these procrastination elements. In order to mitigate this, students must organise and create a conducive studying environment which means to put your study tables in order as you cannot study with a laptop on your lap while you are laying back on your sofa.

Quick Tip: Set up a conducive study environment and put only the most essential books on your table, a laptop and your notes if needed. Keep your table as clean as possible.


Minimize Your Distractions:


2.Organize your learning time

Time management is one of the skills many billionaires possess, now you know why they are ‘billionaires.’ This is one of the skills that was the most essential in the pre-corona world and it is still essential in the present times. But the sad thing is, most of the people lack basic time management skills.

Each student can study for a different amount of periods. Students can manage their time by writing down all the tasks of their day and prioritise accordingly. The tasks don’t have to be related to education,  but also lifestyle and other domestic duties. Write them down and allocate suitable time spans to different tasks. The main struggle that everyone gives up is sticking to that schedule, so make sure that you remain consistent. 


3.Keep a check on your mental health

We know self-isolation can be frustrating and it may lead to detrimental mental health effects. Sometimes the distractions we face are not distractions, it is just the mind trying to make us delay on tasks and work as if it is the mind’s ultimate mandate. For this reason, you must give time to your mental health as well. Find your ‘why’ and answer it, read self-help books. In this way, your mental health will remain strong and you will face your distractions with a rigid mindset.


4.Take notes

Do you remember the last topic that was conveyed in the last online session you attended? Probaby not. Our minds cannot comprehend and learn everything at once. For this reason it is important for you to learn and understand the concepts by taking notes.

Many scientific pieces of research reveal that humans forget about 41% of the knowledge after reading or hearing it in the first 24 hours. Ensure taking notes in different formats to facilitate the learning process. And if you are searching for essay writers UK for your assignments or coursework, you can easily find them through online platforms. Taking assistance from them will also benefit you in your academic tasks and making different types of notes.


5.Adopt a growth mindset

In the 1990s, many psychologists conducted a study on a particular type of mindset – the growth mindset.

In the researches, the young students of primary were praised for every little effort they did for getting a certain task done. Researchers were shocked to see the results. As children on whom the studies were conducted upon actually did better in their studies than before.

Having this in mind, it is important for you to train your mindset and tell yourself that you can achieve anything, you are capable of doing the impossible. In this way, many of the obstacles you come across while learning online can be diminished.

6.Ask questions and collaborate


Do not hesitate to ask your teacher about anything that is unclear to you. In this way, you will learn about your mistakes, and it will be clear to the teachers that you are the most attentive student of the class.

Dealing with these unprecedented times can take a toll on one’s mental health. Following these tips will allow you to manage your online education effectively.